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Cary Police Leave Cars At Businesses In Effort To Deter Crime

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CARY — Cary Policeare keeping some of their cars parked at businesses as a way to deter crime.

The idea behind the Fleet Dispersal Program is to keep people guessing about its occupant.

"We're a growing department, and we need more parking spaces for one thing," Hunter says. "We felt like there might be some way to disperse the fleet throughout the community and also help us with our crime prevention efforts."

Roland Parsons, of Central Carolina Bank, has been through two robberies at other banks and says the police car brings peace of mind.

"I like it quite frankly," Parsons says. "Every day when the officer starts or stops his shift, he or she is always out here so there is a live person visible from time to time."

Chief Hunter says criminals have taken notice.

"We have talked to folks we've gotten for other crimes," Hunter says. "They've commented on the number of policemen we have out in the community because they've seen the cars."

Chief Hunter says Cary actually has about half the number of officers per thousand residents as other towns the same size. The program gives them the illusion of a much larger force.

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