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Certain Dog Breeds Targeted in Moore County Pet Thefts

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MOORE COUNTY — The Moore County Humane Society fears the worst about an increased number of missing dogs.

Most of the 15 dogs reported missing areGerman Shepherds,RottweilersorBoxers.

The Humane Society says very few of them are turning up in its local shelter, a possible sign they are being abused.

"They're often used for, as fighting dogs and also for training fighting dogs," says Corky O'Connor of the Moore County Animal Shelter.

One of the dogs missing is an 8-year-old Boxer named Adolph.

His owners say even when he strayed from their four-acre property, he always came home at the end of the day.

The Moore County Sheriff's Department says it has not seen an increase in missing dogs. But the department did crack a dog-fighting ring in the northern part of the county two years ago.

What can you do to protect your dog?
  • Have your pets microchipped or tattooed. Both are identification marks a thief cannot take off like they can with tags.
  • Get the word out. Put up posters, put ads in papers or even on the Internet.
  • Visit shelters. If someone steals a dog and realizes it is spayed or neutered, they may let the dog go.
  • National Pet Recovery is a private company that handles missing dog cases across the country. Nearly half of their work involves stolen dogs.

    In most of those cases, dogs were taken from secured areas, like a fenced-in yard.
  • 17% of the time, dogs were stolen from their owner's home.
  • 14% were taken from vehicles.
  • Nearly 25% of stolen dogs were taken by someone who knew the pet owner.
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