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Durham County Board of Elections Delays Decision On Possible New Primary

Posted June 12, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— The 29-year career of a State Representative ended on May 2, but the controversy surrounding the primary election will continue a little longer.

Rep. George Miller was voted out of office, but it is not clear whether he lost the election. Thirteen residents filed formal complaints with the county board of elections, claiming they changed precinct boundaries without telling voters.

Frustrated Durham residents attended a public meeting with the board Tuesday expecting a resolution and hoping that the board would call for a new primary.

"They screwed up. That's what happened," says voter Eugene Brown. "That's not the nicest way of saying it, but that's what happened, and people have been disenfranchised."

Board members admit they changed some boundaries, but they claim to have notified thousands of voters through the mail.

"We get so much junk mail, it's possible they picked up the stuff and threw it out," says election board official Jane Touhey Ryan.

Board members decided to postpone their decision until they know how many voters were affected.

The Durham County Board of Elections will take up the District 23 race again on June 20.