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Damaged Water Pump Leaves Elm City Dry

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ELM CITY — A water pump in the town of Elm City was damaged over the weekend, causing headaches for residents, firefighters and business owners.

More than 1,700 residents in the Wilson County town have little or no water since a damaged well reduced water pressure over the weekend.

The town's fire hydrants are nearly dry. Each fire engine has 1,500 gallons of water on board, but that might not be enough in the event of a fire. Fire Chief Jesse Batts has arranged for reinforcements from Wilson and Nash County if there is a fire in the town before the new water pump arrives.

The new pump was ordered on Friday. It is expected to arrive by noon Tuesday.

A town commissioner says the pump should be installed, and full water pressure restored, by Tuesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, residents are being asked not to flush toilets and to boil any tap water they do have before using it.