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Computer Glitches Slow Down State Operations

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CARY — Several state agencies have had their share of technology-related problems recently.

The offices at theDivision of Motor Vehicleswere not seeing many smiles Monday when their computer system had a major slowdown. New printing software was the culprit.

The problem with the DMV's computers is just one of several cases where technology-related glitches have slowed down the state's operations.
  • The statewide court records network was down in several counties Wednesday.
  • Last week, theDepartment of Revenueadmitted scanning problems aredelaying tax refunds.
  • Last year, several parents did not receive child support checks due to problems with theautomated program.
  • Ron Hawley, state chief of technical services, says in spite of the glitches, there are fewer problems in North Carolina than in other states.

    "They are very different problems caused by very different issues. It is not a systemic problem at all," Hawley says. "In fact, I think that we have a very solid and sound system that runs well."

    Hawley adds that most of the computer systems are not so outdated that they cannot handle new software.

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