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Street Names In Raleigh Cause Confusion For Drivers

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RALEIGH — Transplants and Raleigh natives alike know navigating the city's roads is not a trip down easy street.

Riding down Capital Boulevard, drivers can see New Hope Road on one side of the street and Millbrook Road on the other side. A few blocks down, a left turn leads to Buffaloe Road while a right turn leads to New Hope Church Road.

Capitol Boulevard changes to Dawson Street when heading downtown. A few blocks later, it turns into South Saunders.

City planners says dramatic growth has left most of Raleigh's main streets with more than one name. The major roadblock to giving the roads just one name is the people who live on them.

"It is confusing, and I'll be the first to say that," says street planner Mike McDow. "For whatever reasons, they don't like to be associated with a particular area, or they may not want to have to change their drivers' license or checks."

People on Skycrest Drive just defeated a plan to change the name of their street to Raleigh Boulevard, the road Skycrest is connected to.

"This is our history, Skycrest is our community," says Susan Brown who opposes the road change. "It's a community road and a residential road. Raleigh Boulevard is not a residential road."

City planners say they cannot make decisions on street name changes. The decisions can only be made by the city council.


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