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Roller Enthusiasts May Have New Place To Sharpen Their Skills in Cary

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CARY — Carytown leaders are considering a new project that will have skateboarders flying high.

A Cary committee is taking the first step in trying to establish a new skate park for roller enthusiasts.

"What we are trying to do now is hire a firm to come in and work with the kids, parents and staff and actually decide what type of skate park it should be," says Mary Barry, Cary Parks and Recreation Director.

There were three skate parks in the Triangle. Utopia Park closed down due to poor management. Ryan's World Skate Park in Raleigh and Chapel Hill are the only two places for skaters to hone their skills.

Ryan's World Skate Park Owner Frank Noel says he sees more than 300 kids a week.

"There are Saturdays that I actually open at 12 o'clock and by 1:30 to 2 o'clock, I have to say, 'Sorry, we're full,'" Noel says. "It is not just a street sport any more."

Scott Rhue, 18, has been rollerblading for several years and will try to qualify for the X Games in August. He says he is happy that another skate park will soon be opening because he used to have to skate up streets and sidewalks.

"The first year we started skating, we weren't really good. There were no problems, so they didn't care," Rhue says. "By the time we got good enough to do rails and stuff, they started to kick us off and handcuffing [us] for skating. I'm a little 16-year-old kid and I am like, 'Why are you arresting me for rollerblading?'"

The committee has selected a team to design the skate park. The committee will make the recommendation to the town council Thursday night.

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