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Triangle Man Returns Empty-Handed In Search For Missing Sister

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BELLINGHAM, WA — A Triangle man is back from the Pacific Northwest where he had the grim task of helping authorities look for his missing sister. Now he hopes someone can help his family in the search.

Heath Roberts came back empty-handed in the search for his 23-year-old sister, Leah.

"There wasn't any evidence of injury," Roberts says. "There was no blood, no marks on the windshield that indicated anyone crashed into it, so we didn't know what to think at this point."

Leah left on a trip to Washington state March 9 without telling anyone anything.

"It's unlike Leah to not have called and let us know she's OK, especially knowing her car was found by now," Heath says.

Heath does not think she disappeared on her own. Her Jeep Cherokee went over an embankment at Bellingham at a high rate of speed with only her personal belongings inside.

"Anything's possible, and it's difficult for me to see Leah going to this much effort to fool people," Heath says.

As he watches daily for updates on the Whatcom County Sheriff Department's Web site, Heath describes his sister as being a free spirit who loved people and knew how to take care of herself. She was an N.C. State student who hung out at Cup A Joe.

Heath says he wonders why his sister would take a long trip by herself.

"The only motivation that we have found for the trip was she made a reference in a letter she wrote to her roommate to Jack Kerouac, and Jack Kerouac wrote about the area that she traveled to Mount Baker," Heath says.

Heath is asking for prayers and donations to the Find Leah fund. People can make donations at:Centura Bank3412 Westgate Dr. Suite 200Durham, NC 27707

With the money, the Roberts family will offer a reward for information leading them to Leah.