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Black Bear May Still Be on the Run in Fayetteville

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Claw marks are a reminder of the bear's visit to the West Area Mobile Park.(WRAL-TV5 News)
FAYETTEVILLE — Despite being shot by police Sunday, a black bear is apparently still on the run in Fayetteville.

The bear was first spotted in a tree at the West Area Housing Park Saturday. Officers shot the bear as it started coming down the tree, while curious residents watched.

The bear ran away, and some presumed it would die. But a recent report of a sighting near Fayetteville State University has residents on edge again.

"He could attack someone, he's hurt, I'm hoping that's not an issue, but I'm kind of worried about it," says resident Robert Weeks.

Wildlife officers used bloodhounds to search the woods near the housing park again, but did not find the bear.

There are no plans to search again.



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