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Lumberton Boy Wrestles With Illness and Wins

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LUMBERTON — If Harvie Sinclair is not wrestling with his siblings, he is wrestling with a computer game on TV. But the five-and-a-half year old has already fought the toughest battle and won, thanks to the help of people he has never met.

"I thank God and I thank the doctors that my baby is here today," says Harvie's mother, Elizabeth Sinclair.

When Harvie Junior was just a couple of months old, a virus attacked his heart. Doctors knew he would eventually need a new one, and until last December, he was able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Harvey was admitted to Duke Children's Hospital when he had trouble breathing. He had to wrestle with his bad heart, while waiting for a new one. The call came within two months.

"It was critical for Harvie. I really don't think he could have gone home or gone back to his usual life without a heart transplant," says cardiologist Dr. Resai Bengur.

During his follow-up visits, Harvie finds fun things to do. He watches movies during his exams and plays video games during treatment.

The extras are paid for by people like you, who donate every year to the Duke Children's Miracle Network Champions.

To help him, and thousands of other children,pledge your supportto the Duke Children's Miracle Network Champions telethon.