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Rabid Fox Bites Two Children In Fuquay-Varina

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WAKE COUNTY — There is a new concern about rabies in southern Wake County. Two children from Fuquay-Varina were attacked by a wild fox.

Lewis Newkirk says he was scared when a fox jumped out of the woods and bit him right on the hand last week.

"It grabbed my hand. It just came right up and bit me," Newkirk says.

A nine-year-old girl who lives down the street was also bitten by the fox.

Heather Fields saw the fox trying to attack her newborn puppies.

"I threw rocks to chase it away," Fields says. "We called Animal Control, and they have been out here ever since setting traps and trying to catch the animal."

Some neighbors do not think Wake County Animal Control is doing enough to inform people about the possible dangers.

"Nothing about the children being bit, Nothing about them having to have rabies shots," says neighbor Teresa Cornett. "Nothing about if you have animals that are out, what precautions you should take."

Wake County Animal Control says officers have been out daily combing the woods and passing out fliers. They set a trap in Fields' backyard, even though the chances of catching the fox are slim.

Both children are getting rabies shots as a precaution. There have been five confirmed rabies cases in Wake County this year.