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Durham Residents Take Aim At Crime With Citizens Police Academy

Posted May 31, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— People in Durham pulled out their guns and opened fire. TheDurham Police Department's Citizens' Police Academy shows amateurs how to take aim at crime.

Claudia Joyner pulled the trigger of a gun for the first time at the academy. Joyner and other citizens are at the academy for more than just a thrill.

"Durham is a nice place to live, but there is crime," Joyner says. "I want to know for myself how to protect myself and how to protect my family."

Sgt. Mitchell Carter tries to teach citizens more than just how to shoot.

"We want the citizens of Durham to be more in touch with what the police officers in Durham do," Carter says.

The academy is free and open to everybody. People who are interested can call the Durham Police Department at919-560-4436. The classes meet two nights a week for six weeks.