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Road Crews Place High Priority On Potholes

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WAKE COUNTY — Town, city and state crews are trying to tackle the huge job of filling in all the potholes on the roads.

DOT officials say Highway 54 between Cary and Morrisville has become a high priority route.

Larry Baker's crew is a mix of DOT pothole veterans and work-release inmates. The work is uncomplicated and messy, but to some drivers, the workers with the heavy equipment and the steaming asphalt are the difference between a big repair bill and a smooth ride.

Unfortunately, some drivers will just have to wait for the smooth ride.

"We'll be there when we get there," Baker says. "We work our way from the major roads down. It's just like housing developments during the snow."

"They were the last to get it (plowed), and they'll probably be the last to get the potholes fixed too," Baker said.

Paul Medren called DOT officials about one pothole near his home. He says he is pretty happy with the response time.

"It started getting larger in the last day or two, and they were here very quickly, so I was very pleased that they responded so quickly," Medren says.

DOT officials admit pleased people are a quiet minority. Hundreds of people are irate that their pothole has not been fixed. The real deep hole for the DOT crews is all the potholes that the snow and ice left behind. Maintenance engineers do not know how many potholes there are, how much it will cost to fix them, or how long it will take to fill them in. "And many more to gohahhah!" -->

The pothole crews want to hear from you. If you live in a city or town and want to get a pothole filled, call your local road maintenance office. In other areas, call the DOT Road Maintenance Office in your county.