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State Lawmaker Wants To Make I-95 A Toll Road At South Carolina, Virginia Borders

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WILSON — Motorists entering into North Carolina on Interstate 95 may need some extra change if one lawmaker gets his way. Senator Larry Shaw, D-Cumberland County, wants to put toll booths at the Virginia and South Carolina state lines.

Bart Wells pays a toll every time he leaves his Long Island, NY home. He does not want to see the same thing happen in North Carolina.

"I think it is going to be rough," says the motorist. "I think people are going to be mighty upset about having to pay these big prices for gas and then to pay the tolls on the road on top of that."

Some say toll roads make sense. Out-of-state travelers can help pay for the upkeep and improvements on roads. The proposed toll for North Carolina would be no more than $10 with booths at the Virginia and South Carolina borders.

For some, the money is just a minor problem. It is the stopping and paying in the middle of the interstate -- which is common in northern states -- that people do not like.

"We are always stuck in traffic and have to pay a high price for tolls in New York," says motorist Chris Wells. "We always enjoy coming south for that reason because there are no tolls. We just compliment the south for that reason."

In ahot button poll, 62.7 percent of WRAL OnLine visitors are against I-95 becoming a toll road; 37.3 percent support the proposal.

Members of the General Assembly say the proposal may not have a chance of passing this year, but the idea may appear in the next five years.



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