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DOT Goes Out On A Limb To Clear Camera View

Posted May 29, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Several branches of a pine tree block theDepartment of Transportation'scamera view at Interstate 40 and Airport Boulevard. Tuesday, WRALOn-Time TrafficreporterMark Robertshelped contractors clear the view.

While the pros took care of the action up top, Roberts helped out on the ground, directing traffic.

George, a tree trimmer, was willing to go the extra mile for his WRAL commuter mug.

"If I stay up here every day, I can just tell you what the traffic's doing," George says.

Thanks to the tree trimmers and their special helper, everyone can see I-40 a little better.

Tree experts say proper trimming, as done by the DOT crew, does not hurt pine trees.