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Pool Alarms An Extra Summer Safety Measure

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RALEIGH — Most people who own pools are careful to lock the gate and keep an eye on children. But accidental drownings can happen, even around the most safety-conscious parents. Now technology can help keep your children safe around the water.

Grayson Pittman proves he is fearless by taking a three-story plunge from the high dive. But parents know that pools can be dangerous, especially if a child accidentally falls in.

That is why some parents are installing alarm systems for their pools.

"It works off a laser beam that runs around the pool perimeter. If anything breaks the beam, an alarm goes off by the pool and in the house," explains Michael Vassalo of Rising Sun Pools.

The alarm is a little louder than a smoke detector. It sounds like a good idea to a lot of parents.

"A lot of times at the house you're not keeping an eye on it all the time, so that would be a good indicator," says parent Gary Pittman.

A pool alarm can be a good backup safety measureifit is used for just that -- backup. There is no substitute for keeping a close eye on children in a pool.

"You always want to keep the gates locked -- not depend on something like this solely. But it's a nice added extra," says Vassalo.

An extra pair of eyes cannot hurt, even if they are electronic.

The new alarms are available at local pool supply stores.

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