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Fort Bragg Soldiers Participate In War Games During All-American Week

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FORT BRAGG — Day in and day out, 82nd Airborne soldiers sharpen their military skills, but now they have put their weapons aside for their own type of war games at All-American Week.

The annual event allows soldiers to let down their guard. The soldiers participate in boxing, flag football, an obstacle course, soccer and other sporting events, including a team assault competition and parachute jump competition.

The soldiers say competing in the obstacle course is fun.

"We do PT (Physical Training) on a regular basis, but it does not prepare us to get out here with the gear and carrying weapons, and having to work together," says Sgt. Jeffrey Bultman. "These obstacles are pretty tough."

All-American Week also brings back veterans of the 82nd Airborne Division. Retired sergeant Stan Drapola says there was no such thing as a pushball competition in World War II. He cannot believe how much times have changed.

"I went into the dining room, and I thought I was in a restaurant," Drapola says.

All-American Week offers soldiers a chance to look back at the division's history and a chance for old soldiers to talk to new ones.

"We learn a lot about what they did," says Sgt. Amanda Baldwin. "I think we come out of it a lot more thankful," says Sgt. Amanda Baldwin.

All events are open to the public.