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Wake County Commissioners Approve Plan For Garner Landfill

Posted April 16, 2001 8:19 a.m. EDT

— Opponents of a landfill set to open in eastern Wake County were dealt a blow by the county commission.

Wake County commissioners approved a landfill Monday in Garner. The county commission three times delayed a vote to allow a construction and demolition dump at the corner of Brownfield and Shotwell Roads.

The county said Materials Recovery met the requirements for a permit and they had to approve it, but a Garner neighborhood claims the county did not give it nearly enough time to build a case against putting a dump in their backyards.

"The ordinance gives an individual company like Materials Recovery months to prepare in planning their application and we had two weeks. We couldn't even get an appointment with an expert in two weeks," says landfill opponent Francine Wilkerson.

"We're getting industrial type commercial stuff in our neighborhood, and I'm going to wake up every morning, sit on my front porch, have my coffee and look at a dump," says landfill opponent Cindy Baucom.

Several residents against the Garner landfill have filed a suit in Superior Court. They say the county's board of adjustment failed to give them an adequate hearing to protest the landfill.

If a judge agrees, Monday's vote would be null and void and the process will start all over again.