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Hit the Internet for After-Christmas Bargains

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RALEIGH — Online commerce is really beginning to boom, and the holiday buying season is not over.

Lots of folks plan to spend their shopping dollars after Christmas. That's true even of online retailers. As WRAL Technology reporterTom Lawrencefound out, many are slashing prices hoping to boost soaring online sales even more.

Serious shoppers love the bargains they find between Christmas and New Year's. Now, more people are staying away from the mall in favor of cybershopping.

eToyshad a big Christmas spurt and now offers dozens of toys online -- at half price. Specialty stores, including Sharper Image are strong online as well. I found a tool kit at 50% off, and an attache case for $100 off the original price.

Omaha Steakseven offers what it calls "deals" on high-quality beef.

An online shopper in Chapel Hill e-mailed me saying he did all his Christmas shopping online, but paid by money order. Security remains an issue with some.

New surveys say security is becoming less an issue. It's no more or less secure than ordering by phone. However, shoppers complain that variety in cybershops needs to expand.

Eddie Bauerseems to be offering deals on most everything they sell. EvenVictoria's Secretoffers sale prices on popular merchandise.

Many received their first online gifts this holiday. "My mom, she got me a gift, a CD of Sublime and she bought it over the Internet cause we couldn't find it in the CD store," says Matthew Gurkin.

Most cyberstores have a pretty liberal return policy, but you must wrap the merchandise and pay for shipping by a delivery service -- just like you would if you bought from a catalog.