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Celebrate Black History All Year on the 'Net

Posted February 10, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— February is Black History Month. Schools, churches and other institutions all play a part. Now you can add the Internet. As OnLine reporter Tom Lawrence found, there's no shortage of information on the World Wide Web.

The history of African Americans and their rich heritage is an interactive experience on the web. You'll find sites, both "official" and personal that detail most all aspects of African-American history and culture.

I used a search engine typing in "Black History Month" and it was like entering a vast library.

The popularNet Noirsite spotlights Black History month with pages about Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior, Singer Paul Robeson. You'll find the history of protests and inspirational thoughts.

CNN Interactivehas a special Black History Month site celebrating historic African-American events.

Black History Month began in 1976 after being celebrated as Negro History Week for 50 years.

A link to theWorld African Networkprovides more information including a wonderful timeline of African-American history.

Microsoft and Black Entertainment Television team up on the MSBET web site. Here you'll find a special article about Durham's Dr. John Hope Franklin. However, this being a pop culture site, there's not much about history here.

A site called "Black Voices" is one of the richest sites I found. There's a graphic timeline of Africans in America as well as well produced features about Dr. King and Blaxploitation movies.

There are many more sites about Black History month featuring facts and thoughts we all should consider.

You can find my story on WRAL Online in the Tech Talk section. You'll find links to the sites I mentioned and several more. Many suggest African-American history should be studied all year and you can do that on the net.