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Following the Winter Olympics Online

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RALEIGH — We're now well into the Winter Olympic games. Millions are watching on television around the world. But to really stay up-do-date, WRAL OnLine reporter Tom Lawrence says the Internet is the place to be.

Because Japan is fourteen hours ahead of eastern time, things are happening while we sleep. Night owl Olympic fans can watch results as they come in.

My favorite starting point isWRAL OnLine. Our Olympic page connects you to lots of information including other sites.

The official site, put up byIBMers from the Triangle, is jammed with great stuff. Page after page gives results, scores and everything you want to know about what's going on.

There's audio and video from CBS, like Ergo man's virtual downhill run. Australian television puts up video vignettes of it's top athletes like freestyler Jono Sweet.

You can check out the ski jump venue in virtual reality. Look at it from different angles, even make a run down the hill! You may need to download some software. It's free on the Internet, but if you do you're really going to expand your experience.

CBS Sportsline has a wonderful Olympic site as you might expect. Results, dish about athletes, great pictures and cool games like a bobsled run. Seems I'm no better here than on the luge!

USA Todayhas a great map of the Nagano area and this roster of athletes. Interactive graphics show how the new speed skates work, even the elements of flight for ski jumpers.

ESPN's SportsZonegets into the act too with up to date pictures of the latest gold medal winners. If you're really into winter sports, a quick trip to Japan on the 'Net is a fan's delight.


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