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Internet Becoming Source of Choice for Women Voters

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RALEIGH — Election day is just a week away and voters are trying to get behind political rhetoric and into issues.

Women comprise the largest group of voters in the country. A survey byAmerican Viewpointshows even more women would vote if they could get non-partisan information. As WRAL OnLine reporterTom Lawrenceexplains, they are turning to the World Wide Web to get it.

Sites like womenCONNECT.com provide issue-oriented stories, discussions and profiles of candidates.

The President of theLeague of Women Voters of North Carolinasays women look at issues more closely than men.

"They have a lot more to be thinking about," says Marian Dodd. "They have the family, they have the children, their education."

"Politics Daily" on the womenCONNECT.com site addresses those issues.

The Internet now attracts older women, those who have Internet access at the office and at home.

TheLeague of Women Voters'national site is issue-oriented while local sites, like the one forWake County, deals with local candidates and issues.

Dodd says the Internet is filling an important role, one now missing in schools. "We feel that civic education is where it is, which is about non-existent now."

The League says a majority of women continue to see a positive role for government. However, members say more needs to be done.

"OurKids Votingis another great beginning," says Dodd. "In getting our kids voting early, then they'll vote their entire lifetime."

Dodd says she believes women are fed up with negative campaigning and says the League of Women Voters asks voters to judge campaigns as to their effectiveness.


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