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Chapel Hill Company Helps Coke Get in the Spirit of the Games

Posted February 2, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— The Olympics are just days away and you'll see all the competition right here on WRAL-TV andWRAL OnLine. As we've reported, the games are "big" on the Internet too. There is the official site, but there are others that are a lot of fun. Coca Cola has put a lot into it's Olympic web site with the help of a Chapel Hill Company. WRAL OnLine reporter Tom Lawrence says "let the games begin"!

AdverActiveof Chapel Hill touts itself on the web. The small company has produced more than 40 games for Coke, four of them just for Coke's Olympic site. You'll find the games and the web site itself available in Japanese and English. I chose the latter so I could read the rules.

The Giant Slalom was a challenge I could not master. Of course, I don't ski in real life either!

AdverActive uses Shockwave and Active X Control and adds music and sound effects to make the games exciting. Competitors are timed against others and you can add your times and scores to a world wide listing.

I gave up on the hill and invited resident hockey expert Mark Roberts to play hockey one on three."Yes, three goals, yes! I got the hat trick Tom!"Being from Boone, I know how to ride a sled! But this is luge and the course is tough. It's based on the real luge course in Nagano and I found it was better to do a little practicing first.

You learn the course by following the line with your mouse cursor. Even that was difficult. Hop on for a ride without the line and your luging alter ego can get into real trouble.

These are fun games to play, they are free and give you a bit of a feel for what's going on in Nagano. And it all comes from a company in Chapel Hill.