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Voice Button Could Encourage Business Growth on the Web

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Tom Lawrence tries out
RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — A boom in electronic commerce on the Internet is on the way. Until now, there's been little interaction while buying on the 'Net. A new product by Nortel, developed here in the Triangle, allows you to talk to companies across the Internet or by phone. WRAL OnLine reporter Tom Lawrence checked out Internet Voice Button.

You'll either need a second phone line or free Internet phone software like Microsoft Net Meeting to make this work.

Talking with a "real" person adds a lot to commerce on the Internet. You can ask questions and maybe even feel more secure when buying.

As more people order services and products on the 'Net the need for personal attention grows. Nortel's Hugh Dysart says businesses using Voice Button can offer value added service to the customer.

Listen toauorReal Audiofile."All they have to do is click that button and they're immediately connected to someone at the other company either via their multimedia PC or via a second phone line."Internet provider TriNet Services is testing Voice Button. I contacted them with Voice Button.

Listen toauorReal Audiofile.Tom Lawrence to TriNet's Cameron McCaskill:"Actually this doesn't cost the customer anything at all. It's in essence a free call no matter where you go if you use something like 'Net meeting? That's correct it is free to the customer."Industry Analyst Gerald Aneskewich says that may ease the fear some Internet users have of doing business electronically.

Listen toauorReal Audiofile."It's our opinion that voice button is a critical factor in offering electronic commerce."Voice quality is much better using a second phone. That's a free call too.

Listen toauorReal Audiofile.Cameron McCaskill/TriNet Services:"Ninety percent of people using voice button product still prefer to use regular phone because of the fact the quality is not quite there yet with "Voice-over-IP" technology."Businesses like Centura Bank are trying Internet Voice Button hoping to encourage business growth on the World Wide Web.

Because talking on the Internet is "free" and even talking on a second phone is "free," this service seems attractive to the customer.

The businesses pick up the tab at an average of a dollar per transaction. That's why Nortel and providers that offer Internet Voice Button say the new service should help push electronic commerce.


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