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'Rainbow Six' Getting Rave Reviews

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MORRISVILLE — Best-selling author Tom Clancy could soon rule the cyberworld. His newest book may lead to a best-selling computer game. "Rainbow Six" is due on shelves in early August, followed closely by an action-strategy computer game that's getting rave reviews. WRAL OnLine reporter Tom Lawrence previewed the game at Clancy's Red Storm Entertainment here in the Triangle.

Game developers and engineers have worked 18 months putting together"Rainbow Six", the computer game. The action-strategy game is the talk of computer game magazines and reviewers.

"For a start up company to get that in such a short time is a great tribute to what the team have done," says Doug Littlejohns, president ofRed Storm Entertainment.

Littlejohns says the game features twenty players. You choose eight as your team.

Listen toauorReal Audiofile."Rainbow is a ready to move crack organization with operatives from all over the world. Six is the military jargon for the man in charge."The team works several missions, including freeing hostages. It's violent, but game producer Carl Schnurr says it's not mindless violence.

Listen toauorReal Audiofile."You shoot your buddy and they're dead. You don't get them back for the rest of the game. We're trying to make it very... have real consequences and so it's a very moral game."Littlejohns says you have a blueprint of the building, just like in the movies, and you plan the assault. One mission attempts to rescue a hostage in the Belgian Embassy in London.

Listen toauorReal Audiofile."You're the leader of the group. If you get killed in the initial assault, then you instantly become number two and number three if number two gets killed until you run out of eight people."The game is either single or multi player, and combined with "Rainbow Six" the Clancy novel, Schnurr and other developers at Red Storm hope it will be a hit.

Listen toauorReal Audiofile."People are doing it because they love it so much. And it just helps fuel that drive to keep on going and make this the best game that we've ever produced."

Red Storm Entertainment has several other games in the works.