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New Game Simulates Battle in the Persian Gulf

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — The Gulf War was brought into our homes on television and on computers. A Triangle software company will soon release a game to simulate battle in the Gulf. The original version of Interactive Magic's iF-22 has sold more than 400,000 copies worldwide. After trying out the game, WRAL OnLine reporter Tom Lawrence says this new version will likely generate even more interest.

Dozens of designers worked on the new Persian Gulf version of Interactive Magic's iF-22. The company has developed an entire arsenal of simulation games all of which are represented now in the Gulf area.

Interactive Magic'sBill Stealey says his game designers decided to include a Persian Gulf scenario for iF-22 based on history.

Listen toauorReal Audiofile."They certainly knew that in 1991 we didn't finish the job and we all talk about that and we thought it was going to be a problem again."iF22 features the next generation tactical fighter which is not yet operational. designer Mike McCoy say satellite maps were used to develop the Gulf terrain, however, northern Iraq is not included.

Listen toauorReal Audiofile."We picked northern Saudi Arabia including Bahrain, went up through Kuwait, through Basra and a little bit of Iran. So we didn't actually go to Bagdad."The Gulf version includes more features and lots of opportunity for combat.

Listen toauorReal Audiofile."Triple A, you can play around with all these different items. You want to go do ground attacks you can go look at where his armor's situated."

Air Force veteran Stealey says simulation games like this offer gamers a "feel" for what things might be like if U.S. planes are sent to bomb Iraqi targets.

The possibility of American warplanes bombing Iraq again has most everyone talking. The fact that Interactive Magic has included the Persian Gulf in it's new version of iF-22 is coincidental. But the timing is right. The game is to be released next month