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Public Issues Finding their Place on the 'Net

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MORRISVILLE — There's no doubt the issue of a proposed cargo-sorting hub for FedEx at Raleigh Durham International Airport is a hot potato. It seems to be the talk of the area -- at work, in homes, churches and, as WRAL OnLine reporter Tom Lawrence shows us, on the Internet.

FedExis already a Triangle presence. No one seems to feel the company is anything but good. However, opponents worry about noise from more night flights and traffic. Backers of the proposed hub point to more jobs and business growth. You'll find both points of view on several web sites:

WRAL Online's pollshows three quarters of the voters in favor of a FedEx hub. The same goes for a BellSouth.net poll.

TheResearch Triangle Regional Partnership, represents 13 area counties. Charlie Hayes says the web site puts up information bolstering the hub."We tried to put on the site just the facts of the FedEx project as we know them so people can go to a site and find out the facts."RDU International'ssite shows the same information and adds lots more with its noise policies including maps. There's even a question and answer page.

Citizens For Balanced Growthin Cary deals with all kinds of growth issues including FedEx. The group's Gary Hutchinson says the forum is full of comments about the hub, pro and con."TV, newspapers, the media is a one-sided feed, whereas the web site tends to be a two way information source"Comments here come from both sides of the issue and Hutchinson says you may even find apologies when emotions run high.


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