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Digital Cameras Offer a New Focus on Photos

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RALEIGH — Some of the hottest accessories for computers these days are digital cameras. They've come down in price and have gone up in quality. As WRAL OnLine reporterTom Lawrencefound out, digital cameras offer a lot of possibilities.

I began computer shopping for digital cameras online. The Internet is a good place to find comparisons and features. Then, I headed out to a local computer store to check them out for myself.

Digital cameras don't use film. Instead they store images digitally on magnetic discs. Prices range from $250 to $1,000.

"Of course it's best to go with the highest quality, but your budget has to be considered," said CompUSA salesman Charles Foushee.

Image quality is determined by the number of digital pixels the camera can record. Lower quality pictures are fine for putting on a personal web site. With higher quality cameras, a good color printer and good paper you can print out your pictures.

This kind of photography is almost foolproof.

"It makes the one-hour photo, the instant photo," said Foushee. "As soon as you take the picture just put it in your computer. You're ready to do what you want to with it."

Digital cameras are changing quickly with more capacity, better quality and lower prices. And with software that comes with them, you can use your computer and printer in ways you never dreamed of.

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