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Vietnam Vets Memorialized Online

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RALEIGH — The purpose of Veterans Day is to honor the men and women who have put their lives on the line to protect their country. This year, Vietnam veterans are also being honored in cyberspace.

WRAL's OnLine reporterTom Lawrencetook a trip to the "Virtual Wall."

The black granite of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington is etched with more than 58,000 names. Now the world can honor those veterans on the internet.

TheVirtual Wallweb site signed on Tuesday night. Black, like the real wall, it is a reminder of sacrifice.

Visitors to the site can read about the real wall, how it came about and what it means. If your computer is properly equipped, you can post pictures and audio files for all to hear.

"I was with Claude Andle when he died in 1969. He saved a lot of lives," says Jan Scruggs, Founder and President of theVietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

"I see my own last name up there and many, many of my friends. Behind those names I see my own reflection," another veteran recalls.

The website also lists information about the traveling wall, which will be in Statesville, North Carolina later this month.