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NCSU Expo Introduces High Tech Teaching Tools

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RALEIGH — Computers are a growing part of our lives, and that's certainly the case when it comes to education.N.C. State Universityand other schools use the Internet and computers to teach.

N.C. State is a leader in Information Technology. On Wednesday, the school shared the way it uses thenewest developments in learning.

Representatives from other institutions were on hand to get a look at how N.C. State puts new technology to work.

Science Junction is an interactive program on the Internet for sixth through twelfth graders, their parents and teachers.

"We're trying to encourage teachers to do collaboration across the state," says N.C. State's Lisa Grable. "We're trying to get students to do more things at home."

A demonstration of distance learning shows how a whiteboard is used in concert with video. N.C. State developed WebAssign so teachers can assign homework on the Internet that is graded automatically.

"This gives us the ability to give a few problems to the students every few days," says N.C. State's Peg Gjertse. "Therefore they're really up on the subject."

Computers are used to teach high tech video and editing and for information retrieval.

Developing and teaching the technology used to manage information is becoming more and more critical to our economy.

"It's what the employers expect students to know," says N.C. State Interim Provost Charlies Kneife. "They expect them to know how to use the computers. They expect them to know where to go to find information at the tips of their fingers whenever they want it."

From projects like Science House to library research, N.C. State is flexing its technology muscle.

Wednesday and Thursday, educators from the UNC system are discussing new ways to deliver courses to students at remote locations around North Carolina. Reaching students through distance learning will be a big part of the university system's future.

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