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Fuquay-Varina Company Wiring Homes for the Future

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FUQUAY-VARINA — As consumers keep adding computers, phones, satellite dishes and fax machines to their homes, they quickly run out of wall connections. Now, a Fuquay-Varina company has come up with a "one wire" solution. WRAL OnLine reporter Tom Lawrence takes a look at the new product.

Lots of new homes are going up in the Triangle and many of them will have home offices or multiple computers and TV's. We visited a homes being"Net-Wired"by Innovative Connections.

"Instead of trying to decide, 'well, I want a TV over here and a phone over there', you say 'where might I have a TV, telephone or computer,'" says company president David Morris.

Morris furnishes builders and homeowners what he calls a "multi-functional wiring system." Most all components are made in North Carolina. The unique thing about this is that one wire comes into the house. It carries coaxial cable and four individual phone lines."You just hang our wire next to that receptacle, run it back to a connection box that ties it all together and that way then the homeowner can be the smart part of the system."Here television or WebTV can be "patched" in and phone lines connected simply to any room where the wire runs to the special receptacle."You have four simplified phone jacks, coax cable where you need it, next to the electrical receptacle."Morris says it costs about 50% more to wire a new house this way, but in the end, the home is worth more because there are more options.

Category 5 phone lines, which have much more capacity than standard lines, are being installed in many upscale homes. Anyone building a new home can request Category 5 lines as an upgrade, and have several coaxial cables run to rooms to support satellite dishes, cable or multi-room distribution systems.

David Morris says his system can be also used to re-wire existing homes. The company also offers a cable that carries AC power in addition to cable and phone lines.