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Audio Dramas Growing on the Internet

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RALEIGH — The Internet has become the fastest way to publish most anything... including science fiction. An N.C. State English professor has discovered that, and as WRAL OnLine reporter Tom Lawrence found out, he's making a name for himself on the "Sci-Fi" website.

The Internet is a real boon to creative folks whether visual artists or authors. This reminds me of the old time radio dramas where you let your mind create special effects... impossible to match with a computer. And Dr. John Kessel has proven himself at spinning tales.

Dr. Kessel's NCSU office is small, his imagination boundless. His short story,"A Clean Escape"can now be found on the Sci-Fi Channel's web site as an audio drama.

Dr. Kessel says it was recorded with actors in a New York studio."Psychological drama, tense interchange between two people, one is a psychiatrist and the other is a patient who comes into her office."Using RealAudio you hear the story including the aftermath of a nuclear cataclysm. Or is all this in her mind?"And then as it unfolds you discover sort of the psychological table is turned."Audio drama on the web is not new, but it's growing."Some things are so old they're new again. Radio drama which I think most people who tune into the web have never really thought of or heard about."Kessel says more people will "hear" his story than will read it in book form. He's even made some money."The amount of money they paid me for the script was probably five times what I got for the original short story."