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High-Tech Training Can Pay Off

Posted June 16, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— If you're looking for a career, or want to begin a new one with high pay, you may want to look at high-tech. Thousands of people are needed in the information technology industry. And, as WRAL OnLine reporter Tom Lawrence explains, training is available right here in the Triangle.

Students at theN.C. State Computer Training Unithone computer skills for better job performance and maybe, a better job.

Companies are begging for computer, networking and internet-related workers. Judith Cantor, ofThe Computer Labin Morrisville, says lots of them are in North Carolina."I've heard hundreds of thousands or something quoted to me. I don't think those are all the jobs in the area. I think it's sort of nationwide and growing"Cantor's company trains people for all kinds of jobs. When finished, these people will be able to get jobs monitoring computers.

Sheryl Wharey worked for UPS but found computers were her future. Now she teaches, she's certified in networking and is a consultant.

With the right certification there's good money to be made. Cantor says an young ex-military man is doing very well."Within six months he was able to step out into a $35,000 a year job and a year and a half later he gave us a phone call. He has his own consulting business and he's making about $80,000 a year. And this is a fellow who's still in his 20s."Wharey says hard work here and the right attitude can make a new life in the fastest growth industry in the country."There's too many people that are afraid of computers. So I think that it's just a wide open door at this point."

A college degree is not "required" for many jobs in information technology. Training is also available at community colleges and university adult education programs.