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Home Sweet Homepage; WRAL & N&O Give Non-Profits a Presence on the Web

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RALEIGH — WRAL OnLine and The News & Observer on the Web have teamed up to offer non-profit organizations a free bulletin board online. As WRAL OnLine reporter Tom Lawrence explains, the service is attracting groups quickly.

ncneighbors.comaims at building communities online. Any area non-profit group can qualify and have its own home on the World Wide Web.

TheNews & Observer on the Web'sNorm Cloutier says the site is especially helpful for small groups."Not every group, small group, can afford to do a mailing or make phone calls to all their members. This is an agreed upon place of reference for everyone."In just a few days, the list of groups joiningncneighbors.comhas grown from 70 to almost 200 this afternoon.

Sign up is easy, but administrators reserve the right to refuse groups or take them offline if they create problems.

Some of those who are using the site say the reason they like it is it's so easy to use. Attorney Shawn Mercer updates the Raleigh Jaycees softball site from his law office."It's just wonderful because I am not someone that is well versed in using the computer and I've had no problem at all. It's been very, very user friendly."Updates can be done at any time and there is a daily events calendar that lets anyone know what's going on every day.

"Not only do they have a place to put their notices and their announcements," says Cloutier, "they have a place to put it that people will go to and find easily."

And with tight budgets there's another enticement -- it's free!

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