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NC Positioned to Take the Lead in .Bioscience Industry

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — Bioscience is a term we may hear, but not understand. Researchers, using the latest forms of biology and chemistry, discover new medicines, better foods, better crops and livestock -- even stone-washed jeans. Now 12th in the nation, North Carolina wants to move into the top five states in bioscience.

Bioscience develops in laboratories and clean rooms. Successful products may come slowly but with major research universities and a strong pharmaceutical base, Max Wallace of the North Carolina Biosciences Organization says the Tar Heel state is positioned to lead.

Listen toauorreal audiofiles."The more of those that are in place the greater the momentum, the more people we can attract to the area, the greater the vibrancy of the industry."Drop by drop, test by test, check by check the cutting edge tools of molecular biology and biochemistry are used to make products.

Research in labs likeApex Bioscienceaffects our lives in many ways, from what we wear and eat to our health and North Carolina wants more of it.

The industry predicts bioscience employment can grow from 20,000 today to 100,000 in 20 years and it could be a $15 billion industry.

Listen toauorreal audiofiles."It is a highly competitive battle right now to lure biotech companies to particular regions. There are two clear leaders in California and Massachusetts and the rest are all competing as the next tier of companies."The industry is working with the state and private sector investors to make bioscience part of North Carolina's future.

Bioscience companies are calling for more students trained in science and math and much needed venture capital money. That's an area in which North Carolina lags far behind states including California and Massachusetts.