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Athens Drive Hopes to Win on the Court & With Cybercast

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RALEIGH — Most basketball fans are tuned in to the NCAA Tournament, but area high schools are also playing tournament ball. Athens Drive High School plays in the 4-A Eastern Regionals tonight in Greenville. It's the first time in nine years the Jaguars have gone this far. WRAL OnLine reporter Tom Lawrence found a couple of Athens students are putting the Jags' game on the Internet.

The NCAA tournament is big online, but this is quite a feat for a high school.Athens Drivewebsite is only a year old. The challenge of putting a webcast together is almost as big as the team faces in its first game against Fayetteville 71st.

As Athens students turned out to watch the team leave this morning one student worked feverishly in the computer lab. Reid Serozi checked two laptop computers and a digital camera he and buddy Nik Vouk will use to cybercast tonight's game.

Serozi admits putting the cybercast together has been tough."Calling Sprint and having a line put down on courtside, getting permission fromECU, that was the big step. But I think I went to bed around three this morning finishing up on the web page because it is time consuming."The page is online now, but Reid had to fine tune some things. Reid and Nik will man the site alone handling a chat session and a lot more."We're gonna take pictures, plug the digital camera into the back of a laptop and download and from there we'll start uploading. We're also going to be uploading the scores every thirty seconds and uploading play by play text."Serozi says he hopes the pride the school feels in the basketball team will carry over to the webcast but won't let the excitement of the game bother him." I like the web page a little more than basketball so I'll be into that."The two students have led the effort on Athens Drive's web site this year. Reid told me he and Nik are putting what they've learned together during the year to put the cybercast online. Quite a challenge and good luck to them!

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