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Olde Beau at Roaring Gap

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ROARING GAP — With the mountains on one side, the coast on the other and Pinehurst in the middle, North Carolina is a golf lovers paradise. If you can't play all the courses, you'll want to play the best. WRAL's Jeff Gravley tees off the second round of his Dream 18 with a trip to the mountains.

Roaring Gap is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Alleghany County and that's where you'll findOlde Beau... a true mountain course with stunning scenery.

Course pro Paul Rubel warns, if you're not used to the mountains, you'll be looking at the scenery more than you'll be playing golf the first few times!

Hole #15 begins our Dream 18. It's a short par 4 where the driver stays in the bag.

We'll hit a long iron -- 5, 4, or 3 -- down to a landing area where we'll be anywhere from 150 to 120 yards from the green.

That second shot yardage is comforting to most, but Rubel says there is one bear out there behind the green on 15. Hitting 'over' the green is trouble. If you're long... it'll land in the Mitchell River about 2,000 feet down!

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  • I come close to visiting the river... 5 more feet and I would have been 2,000 feet down... gone, goodbye!

    If you're afraid of heights, you might get the shakes out here. But along with your putter and driver, make sure you pack a camera to capture the beautyandthe agony at Olde Beau.

    When you leave, say goodbye to Olde Beau himself. Course designer Billy Satterfield's beloved bulldog is taking a long nap on hole #15.

    This is a course worth the trip to Roaring Gap where you can soak up all you want for $45 to $60.

    For more information call1-800-752-1634.

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