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"Return Call" Feature Leads to Obscene Caller Arrest

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SANFORD — May 9, 1996 - 10:05 a.m. EDT

When the phone rang in Lee County, some women in found an obscene caller on the other end of the line. But an arrest Wednesday afternoon has put their minds at ease.

The caller had been preying on mainly elderly and helpless women for the past six years. In a disguised voice he would call women and tell them he was a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, and that he was conducting a health survey.

Early on, they say, his questions seemed legitimate. Then, gradually, the caller would begin to sound obscene.

While a lot of women were too scared to come forward, a couple of women did finally press charges.

Now, twenty-three-year-old Robert Dewey Adams (pictured above) is under arrest. The sheriff's department says Adams is the man who has been terrorizing women with obscene phone calls since 1989.

One woman (pictured in disguise, right) agreed to speak anonymously with WRAL-TV5'sMark Roberts. She said her calls sounded legitimate at first.

Listen toaufile.

She said she tried to outsmart the caller.

Listen toaufile.

Adams has faced similar charges before. After first refusing to do so, the suspect decided to tell Roberts how he feels about these latest allegations against him.

Listen toaufile.

The suspect mentions "Star 69", which is a reference to how he was caught. One of the women he called had an automatic "Call Return" feature on her phone, sometimes referred to as "Star 69". The calls were traced directly to Adams' house.

Even though the suspect is in custody, there is still much to do in court, but several women have said they will come forward and do their part.

The sheriff's office has 21 obscene call charges against Adams in all. Officials say he is no stranger to these proceedings

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