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Get Kosovo Updates in a Cybersecond

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RALEIGH — Newspapers have it in bold headlines, major magazines are dealing with it in depth, and cable news channels are updating it by the minute. Nearly every media outlet is covering the conflict in Kosovo including Web sites on the Internet.

In a cybersecond users can log on and plug into what is happening. In recent times of conflict, the World Wide Web has become a major source of information for the world.

A quick search for Kosovo turns up numerous Web sites. Some are pretty bland, but others like theBBCfeature more detailed information. Kosovo has been an active topic on the Internet for months.

News sites includingCNNfeaturespecial sectionsabout the conflict and NATO action. Maps help visitors understand where Kosovo is in relation to the rest of the Balkans.

Many sites provide extensive background information that outlines the conflict between Serbians and ethnic Albanians living in Kosovo. Users can even listen toRadio 21 in Albania.

The Kosovo Crisis Center uses an American pop culture icon to get its message out - NATO Air: Just Do It.

There are pages showing the military arsenals of both sides. Yugoslavia's Mig fighters, NATO's B-52s, fighters and cruise missiles.

WRAL OnLineautomatically updates Kosovo events by satellite from the Associated Press. They also have aresource pagethat provides users with a variety of links.

Jane's Defence Weekly, one of the premier sites about the world's military, offers detailed information about opposing forces, a detailed map of Kosovo and background. Certainly, Kosovo will continue to be major news on the Internet.

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