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Online Gamers Strike Kosovo

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RALEIGH — The conflict in Yugoslavia involves air power and lots of it. Computer game developers have made it possible for virtual pilots to participate in the action.

These computer missions are tough, and for the seasoned combat simulation pilot, these games are also very realistic.

Electronic Arts furnishes computer generated footage used by TV networks to show how cruise missiles and fighter bombers are being used in Yugoslavia.

The Electronic Arts F-15E, for example, is a front line fighter and bomber. Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro is home to two squadrons of F-15Es.

Players can knock out some enemy installations with precision guided air-to-ground missiles.

Electronic Arts allows gamers to develop their own mission plans, and strikes on Yugoslavia are being developed by online gamers.

The "Fleet Command" game shows cruise missile launches and what they look like in flight all the way to the target. A MiG 29 went the way of several real MiGs in the Balkans: taken down by an air-to-air missile.

These are complicated games requiring powerful computers. While flying, you can choose from several views from inside the cockpit or even watch your own plane from a trailing view.

Several computer game companies offer combat simulations featuring the types of planes and helicopters being used in the Balkans.

As air strikes continue, the popularity of these types of games is expected to grow.

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