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High-Tech Gizmos to Give and to Get

Posted November 30, 1999 6:00 a.m. EST

— Finding the perfect gift to give during the holidays can drive you crazy. WRAL is trying to make it easier for you. As our part of our Holiday Shopping Blitz we went looking for gadgets and gizmos that will wow your friends and loved ones.

Many of this season's hot gifts are electronic. Shoppers are snapping up items now to ensure they will be under the tree in time for Christmas.

We found some fun items at Sharper Image.

For the real kid in you, check out Wee.Bots. The battery-powered critters respond with movement and sounds to a remote control. Family Trios, which includes a grown-up and two little pups, chatter with each other and attempt to communicate with you in their exotic language of beeps, burps, whimpers and squeals.

Q Ball is a hoot. Ask it a "yes" or "no" question and get an answer. With more than 140 spoken responses which are randomly generated, you never know what answer you will get. Swirling lights and sounds let you know Q Ball is thinking.

We also found a number of high-tech items atBest Buy.

TiVofrom Phillips, allows you to automatically record your favorite TV shows, and pause live TV.

Music lovers are getting a lot of digital help this year. Some mini disc recorder/players hold 74 minutes of music on a tiny digital disc. Prices range from $100 for a player to hundreds for combo units.

New home video cameras offer digital clarity and more.

"On certain models you can actually zoom to a particular zone and edit that part of the camcorder out, or part of the recording out," says sales clerk Jon Robbins.

Digital still cameras are fast replacing film cameras. Some even shoot a minute of video and audio.

Personal Digital Assistants, like PalmPilot's Palm VII, are great gifts for those on the go.

"Instead of having to carry around calendars, they use these instead. They've been really popular."

How about a digital TV set or wide screenHDTVreceiver for the family? It is expensive, but NOW Audio and Video says prices are coming down.

There is even DVD for your dashboard! The players, costing from $1,400 to upwards of $2,000, replace your dashboard radio, and provide entertainment for those long road trips.