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Church Gives New Life to Old School

Posted June 10, 2007 8:03 p.m. EDT

— After years of sitting empty, there is new life for an old school.

Wake Schools closed the old Carver Elementary site in 1998 and replaced it with a new school nearby.

Before it was Carver, it was Pleasant Grove Elementary. Pleasant Grove Baptist is part of its history.

“It was a school that many of the African American youth walked to from various parts of the community,” said Rev. Asa Bell.

Pleasant Grove Baptist was founded in 1863 by a freed slave. Exactly 100 years later, Tyrone Richardson graduated eighth grade at the school that sits right next door.

“You know we went through segregation. We went through integration. It has been a positive experience for the community,” Richardson said.

When Wake County Schools closed Carver Elementary and built a new one, the church made them an offer of $150,000. At the school board meeting on June 5, the sale was final.

The church plans to use the school for church activities and community events. There will also be after-school programs and tutoring services.

Another group tried to purchase the property in 2002, but the sale fell through.

Pleasant Grove Baptist plans to renovate the property as soon as possible.