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City Council Okays Glenwood Development

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RALEIGH — Raleigh City Council decided to approve some retail development at the already congested intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Lynn Road.

The construction of a half-million square feet of retail space, including two huge shopping centers and a movie theater, was proposed for the area. Council members voted on the project Tuesday night and decided in favor of accepting proposals for most, but not all, of the development. The movie theater was voted down.

City leaders say the proposed shopping area is needed, but some residents of the area, which is already one of Raleigh's busiest in terms of traffic and congestion, disagreed.

City planners say they know the project will result in more growing pains, but add that, if Raleigh doesn't accept the project, the developers will take their money elsewhere.

Residents say there is already far too much traffic in the area, and they don't want to see it get worse, but the opportunity for them to be heard before Raleigh City Council has already passed.

Northwest Raleigh, where the development is proposed, is one of the fastest growing areas in one of the country's fastest growing cities. Developers say their plans include adding lanes to roads around the shopping area in an effort to reduce the impact of increased traffic.

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