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Rescuers Say Safety Seats Prevented Children's Deaths

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CLAYTON — An automobile accident in Clayton Monday provided resounding evidence of the benefits of child-safety seats and the dangers ofnotbuckling up.

Cecelia Denton, the mother of two, is in stable condition at Wake Medical Center after another car forced her off the road, causing her car to flip over.

Denton was hurt in the wreck. She was not wearing a seatbelt.

Her two children, however, were securely strapped into their safety seats and suffered no serious injury.

Michael Hodges, a construction worker, witnessed the accident and was among the first to attempt rescue. He said he knew there were children in the car as he watched it tumble into the woods on Highway 70 in Clayton.

In this instance, investigators say Cecelia Denton practiced safety for her children, but not for herself. As a result, she was thrown from the tumbling car, suffering several bone fractures.

Clayton rescuers say they often teach children about car safety in hopes they'll urge their parents to buckle up

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