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The Web Carries Recovery Effort News Around the World

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RALEIGH — Conspiracy theories are just a few of the topics you will find on the Internet concerning John F. Kennedy Jr.'s missing plane. The story is huge, and the recovery effort is making headlines around the world.

There is a lot of information about the tragedy online, and there is criticism of media coverage and discussion of conspiracy.

Conspiracy advocates and some people who simply are mean-spirited post messages on the aviation disaster newsgroup. Newsgroups are the "gossip" column of the Internet and do not represent mainstream America.

Even CNN's message board carries messages of conspiracy. There are, however, many words of compassion and sorrow.

Newspapers around the world, fromLe Mondein Paris toEl Tiempoin Bogota, carry the story of the accident.

The Kennedys immigrated from Ireland, so the Irish Times Daily headlines the latest news from Massachusetts. The CBS News Web site posts historic information, stories and video.

TV stations in the Boston areakeep their Web sites updated for those who want to keep up with recovery efforts.

CNNcarries headline stories and lots of background information. A map of the plane's flight path and information about the Piper Saratoga are also posted.

It appears the Internet will carry coverage of this latest Kennedy family tragedy for many days.