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IBM's Global Web Hosting Manager Climbing the Ladder of Success

Posted August 13, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— IBM's Rusine Mitchell-Sinclair is one woman who climbed the ladder of success without stopping at a glass ceiling.

You may have heard of "e-business." Mitchell-Sinclair heads a major part of that business forIBM, called Web hosting.

Mitchell-Sinclair is a very busy woman, managing all of IBM's web hosting for North and South America. That includes taking care of Web sites for some of the biggest names in business.

TheNew York Stock Exchange'sWeb site is managed in the Triangle. The same forVictoria's Secretand theNBA. The sites are part of a billion dollar business managed by Mitchell-Sinclair for Big Blue.

"The hosting market, which is what we're doing, or managed business services, as we call it, is going to be, roughly, a $19 billion market by 2003," she says.

Mitchell-Sinclair's group manages Web sites from 133 data centers around the world. Customers such asMacy'sand the upcoming Summer Olympics trust the computers and personnel of IBM to keep their Web sites running round the clock.

"We're growing this business very rapidly. We're literally boarding, as we call it, customers daily," says Mitchell-Sinclair.

With 77,000 Web servers around the world, IBM's Global Services is the industry leader. IBM can do a turnkey job for clients, or supply specific services.

"We have the consulting capability, and the application development capability, to actually build the Web site," she says.

The universal server farm at the RTP site is filled with hundreds of computers serving up e-business information to the world.

Mitchell-Sinclair's job gets bigger each day.

"We have a fantastic research capability and we spend $6 billion a year in research," she says. "We're spending a lot of those dollars on the future of the e-business marketplace."

Rusine Mitchell-Sinclair says IBM will add 56 more data centers, or server farms, by next year. The potential is enormous forIBM's Global Serviceswhich is already the fastest growing division of IBM.