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Millions of Dollars Are at Stake on the Web

Posted July 19, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Millions of dollars are at stake in both the online gambling industry and in Web design. WRAL's technology reporterTom Lawrencelooked at the Internet gambling debate and at a new $2 million Web site. Internet Gambling

Internet gambling could become a $2 billion business by 2001, but a bill in theU.S. Senatewould try to put an end to online betting in the United States.

Internet gambling continues to generate more money, even as Congress tries to outlaw it. People running the sites say the Internet is too big to be controlled by Washington.

"Internet gambling is global," says Alex Igelman, spokesman for online gambling. "An attempt by a senator of the U.S. to ban online gaming will not work."

Gaming interests say Americans will still gamble online at foreign sites no matter what Congress does. Hermitage Museum Web site

It took two years and $2 million to build the Hermitage Museum Web site.

IBM e-businesstechnology allows users to look around expansive exhibit halls and richly decorated rooms.

A digital library houses more than 2,000 masterpieces, from textiles to prehistoric tools. Users can start by choosing a feature and clicking on it. Then adjust the box, click on "zoom" and up comes an enlarged, high definition image.

If you are into art, teach art or just want to sit and browse, take a cybertrip to St. Petersburg, Russia.

When the Hermitage Museum Web site is completed, there will be 3 million works of art stored digitally for the world to see at any time.