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Capitol Broadcasting Begins Testing HDTV Transmission

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RALEIGH — July 23, 1996 - 5:15 p.m. EDT

Background on HDTV and CBC's LicensePress Release on WRAL-HD Signal Testing

A new kind of televison sprang from Capitol Broadcasting's tower Tuesday, the result of 20 years of dreams and planning by broadcasters around the world.

"It is really a monumental event," said Bob Weirather, product manager for Harris Corp, one of Capitol's partners in the project. "It's really changed the outlook for TV all over the world."

Engineers fromCBS, Harris and Capitol Broadcasting did in just a few days what it would normally take weeks to do: install a new high-definition TV, or HDTV, transmitter. The transmitter was tested all night, ready for the moment it and the people who worked on it would make history.

"A lot of good people got together and made this thing come true," said Dave Danielsons, a Harris design engineer. "And it's a real joy to be here, be a part of the history that hopefully my children will watch when they grow up."

HDTV produces a much sharper image on a wider screen than conventional TV. It also provides CD-quality sound.

Testing will continue as engineers optimize WRAL-HD's signal over 23 counties. Captiol Broadcasting plans production soon of some local high definition programming, and WRAL-HD will carry programming by CBS and PBS.

WRAL-HD hopes to put high definition receivers in public areas by early next year.

High definition televison will not be seen in homes for perhaps another 18 months. That's because it's so new. Receivers are now being designed

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