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Online Buyers, Sellers can SHOPNCLIK for Classifieds

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RALEIGH — Selling a car or couch usually means buying a classified ad in the newspaper. The ads have been around for more than 100 years, but they have a new face on the Internet.

SHOPNCLIK.com is the brainchild of Bill Brown and Bill Reeves. Sellers can post pictures of items online, participate in chat groups and, later this year, use Voice Button to connect with buyers or sellers by phone.

"It's not some add-on to some other site that may have classified ad information on it. And it's more than just a database retrieval, it's highly interactive, highly visual," explains David Sardinha of Interpath Communications.

Interpath collaborated with Brown and Reeves on the site, which is designed for the market of the future.

Anyone can sign up for free, then advertise virtually anything. Advertising costs $20 for 20 days.

"If you get on our site, with a photograph, two to three hundred words, you got e-mail tracking, you got secure click, you got Voice Button," Brown says.

"As they add more features to the site, and more function, and as more users go to the site, we'll be able to grow with that," Sardinha says.

Reeves says the service will be marketed heavily using television and newspaper ads beginning in the Triangle.

Brown has a newspaper background and plans to take away some of the revenue classifieds generate for papers. He says classifieds will continue to be a major part of newspaper advertising, but the "do-it-yourself" nature of the Internet is making online classifieds more popular.

"Our goal is to be the ultimate classified ad site both for American and for other parts of the world as well," Brown says.

The site is up and running now, but heavy marketing does not begin until December.