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Cary Starts State's First Curbside Computer Recycling Program

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CARY — A lot of families will be getting new computers for Christmas, but how do you get rid of the old ones? The town ofCaryis starting the state's first curbside computer recycling program.

Cliff King leaves on a mercy mission to protect everyone from toxic materials contained in every computer. Computers have proliferated quickly and, in just a few years, millions of them could make landfills a toxic mess.

"Computer components and monitors have heavy metals in it which can be toxic to the environment and leech from the landfills," says Cary recycling specialist Karen Hales.

The town of Cary is setting a precedent with their computer recycling program. All residents have to do is call for an appointment and set their old non-operating computer out on the curb for pick-up.

King and his co-workers pick up the derelicts from Cary's curbs, where they are picked up by Chatham Salvage to be taken away for recycling. The town even picks up the $4 charge for getting rid of monitors.

Cary says 85 percent of its residents have computers, and they are happy to have a way to get rid of dead machines without having to bury them in a landfill.

"We get several calls a day; 'When are you going to start, and can I get rid of my computer soon,'" Hales says.

To arrange for pick-up of broken machines, you can call the town of Cary at919-469-4090. If your old computer is still working, Cary wants you to donate it to one of several organizations that will put it to use.

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